Sunday, September 14, 2008

my Digiscraps new Layout

This is the final look but not the header. I'm not really happy the outcome of the header though is not that bad however it just not what I'm looking for. I ran out some ideas I guess. Well- digital scrapping is kind of new to me and I am still a novice. I have done before but it never look like digital scrapping, what I’m trying to say I have different style when put together a digital scrapbooking layout.

In any rate, I buzz Cathy the other night and was asking help for my header. Cathy’s works are awesome and I just love how she works with all the elements. I order a header for this layout and I can’t wait to put it up.

One more thing, I have couple fall pixels in my sidebar and they are NOT free. If you are interested please contact Ethel or Lolli or simply visit her blog Thank you.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. Beautiful Layout! You made wonderful choices. It's very, very pleasing to the eye!

  2. Ok now, where am I again? ;-) Every time I visit you I enter into a different look all the time. This is another great creation. I like the stitches, background and color, great combination.

  3. This is beautiful! Green is my favorite color so you can't go wrong there. Don't feel bad. It's normal to not like your own work but trust me you have done some beautiful things here.

  4. looks good to me, but I prefer the girly one before :)

  5. Hey, I was wondering if you got the email I sent. I sent to the bisdak email. I tried the gmail but it said error.

    Anyway, I love the green!!!

    Here's my email cah1126 @ yahoo dot com

  6. Cute. I like it. Very calming the colors.