Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now this is what I'm Looking for!

the header, Yes the header and thank you to the most creative person, non-other than ms. Cathy. I just love my header, don't you? Well- if you do like my header and wanted to have a customized digital scrapping header contact ms. Cathy she will do magic for you. And if you need help to put together the entire layout don't hesitate to contact me. wink*

Check out her PORTFOLIO her awesome Customized Blog Headers and banners she had made, they are beautiful!

Here's a free QP from Cathy...
my DD at 18 months old. She's wearing the dress I have sewn for her. 
All for now, off to bed. Have a great day everyone. Hugs & kisses!


  1. I really love the header, very nicely put together. Ms Cathy is really a genius! I might consult her too, LOL. Nice QP too.

  2. basta digi scrapping talented jud kaayo ni Cathy madam ay, ambot na lang jud..
    ako dili jud ko hawod sa digi scrapping ngka mamo pa ko..hahaha..
    I love your new layout madam! as in jud!!!!!!!!
    Madam, ng email nako madam Lolli wala pa man reply..hehehe..
    ingat :]